Customflex vs Douglass - Identification

I'm looking to purchase a FS and am new to the design. It seems perfect for my curent sailing/racing interests but from this site have learned that there are boats from two builders. When I start looking at the used boats how are Douglass & Customflex boats identified. I assume there is a HULL ID number but don't know anything about interpreting. Please describe.

Also, if anyone knows of a Douglass for sale in Wisconsin area please pass along my email address.



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The first place to look is on the rear portion of the cockpit on the lip of the deck. There is typically a plate there which will tell you who manufactured the boat, being Gordon Douglas, Customflex or now, Flying Scot, Inc. If there is no plate, other clues may be the drain hole on aft portion of the boat. Some of the Customflex have a screwed in drain plug, while all others will have a smooth hole for the drain plug. Another clue for Customflex is the boom crutch will have a stainless steel mount on the edge of the seat, while others will have a stainsteel plate and hole in the seat. Hope this helps. There may be other identifying features, but these are the ones I'm most familiar with. If you are not sure, you can email Flying Scot Inc with the sail number or identification number and they may be able to help out.

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The older boats were made before Hull ID #s were required so you won't find a number other that a hull number which is located on top of the centerboard trunk engraved in the wood (or glass) cap. The builder plate is riveted to the back edge of the cockpit but it only shows the builder not the hull #. You can type in customflex on the forum search and you will see more info on customflex vs. douglas boats. I have # 812 douglas and like it just fine since I dont care about appearance I dont foresee replacing it with a newer boat. good luck.