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I have found a Scot that I am interested in buying. I want to ask for input on what SPECIFIC problems I should be looking for that go beyond the obvious things I will find visually or with a sounding hammer. This boat was salt water sailed (not raced-no spin gear)and appears never to have been covered-at least not recently. It is a 1989 and not listed on the used boat portion of the FSSA website. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Check out this page from the Flying Scot Inc. web site:

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Thanks for the link to buying a used Scot. I had already read through it and found the info helpful. Maybe a few horror stories with specific finds and fixes is what I am looking for-lacking that maybe it's a testament to the Scots durability.

Your right, the Flying Scot is in general a very well made boat. However, one thing I ran into is related to Customflex boats build late in the production cycle.

Watch out for a wider than normal centerboard slot, this is caused by the leverage action of the board over the years. The slot begins to open up at the top and the bottom. This can be fixed with wedges and shimming, but it will eventually lead to cracks where water could leak into the balsa core.

Thanks and that is the sort of info I was hoping for. Anyone else please feel free to jump in.

Have a look at this www site :
It is showing all the steps in the reconstruction of a 1965 FS. It includes conclusions from a professionnal inspection and may pictures of what can be a completely rotten balsa core !
Good luck

Great pictures but I will have to brush up on my French to read the text-thanks