McLube and WD-40 Info

FYI: Do Not Use McLube for cleaning spars or anything else for that matter. McLube is a dry film lubricant made up of KRYTOX (PTFE) and solvent. It is hydrophobic, i.e. a water barrier. That means salt water so aluminimum/salt corrosion will be greatly reduced. The solvent flashes off real fast (couple of seconds leaving a "hard" thin film. I have just finished polishing my mast, boom, and spinnaker pole using polishing compound. To protect that beautifu finish I sprayed on a couple of coats of McLube. The BIG drawback to it is that it's a lubricant! Read real slippery. Never ever ever spray on your deck.

Because it's a dry film, it's very good for sail tracks, harken bearings, sails, etc. During a Whitbread race one of the boats sisn't have the right antifouling paint. They sprayed the hull with McLube and it wasted from Australia to New York! Very Good Stuff! It can only be removed mechanically. You can't wash it off with solvent.

WD-40 was a NASA product. The WD stands for Water Displacing. It is a silicon based liquid, again sprayed with a sovent. It leaves a soft film of liquid silicon on the material and can be cleanned of fairly easy. It's good for cleaning tape residue but remember it'a a film lubricant. Nothing will stick to it.

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