Tight or Loose?

I bought Hull 2450 (1974). I need new sails and want to know how to determine if the sails I need are for tight or loose rig. I assume loose rig b/c of the age of the boat. Help!

Frankly, I would go with the snug rig. Your boat will be perfectly adaptable to this type of sail (actually, just the jib is cut differently). The advantage of the snug rig is that the shrouds and forestay are tight enough that the mast has no "slop".

The tight rig places considerably more tension on the rig, which, with your older boat, might be a concern.

The loose rig is still a viable option, but it introduces mast "slop". The snug rig, for my money, is the simplest to set up and maintain. I ran the loose rig for years, and have recently converted.

The snug rig requires no additional parts, just adjustment of the forestay extension.

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We've opted for the North tight rig for the last two sets and have been happy with it. We are sailing a 5000 series hull and setting up the rig will scare the pants off of you. Basically you have to put the jib halyard on the trailer winch and grind it down until you can get the forestay to attach, then ease off the winch slowly until the load is full on the forestay.
The first time I did this I stood back and waited for the rig to explode! But nothing happened, We've sailed the boat for three years like this and to date no explosion or rig failure. We selected the tight rig because it seems easier to sail than the loose, though we are considering buying a snug jib to try out. Just don't like the excessive tension on the rig.

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Having sailed a scot since the 70's and seen all kinds of setup, the setup I like best is the snug rig. I find to be the best all around performer. I just cringe at the thought if Sandy saw what was going on. How many of you racers out there ever set the jib by the balancing the toggle?? When the tight rig came out, instantly I thought bad news for the boat, especially the olders ones. One sailmaker started the snug rig setup when I get our new Scot 5516, and I jumped to go that way. Before that I used the loose rig for over 10 years. I will never go loose again nor will I go to the tight rig despite all of the testing that shows the boat will be fine. SNUG is my preferred way to go. Just my $0.02 worth.

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