Spin Halyard Takeup Reel

I'm getting ready to install my new Spinnaker Halyard Tackup Reel on the port side of the tabernacle under the deck. The halyard will pass thru the deck fitting to the where the tabernacle/hull meet, through a double stacked cheek block, back along the CB trunk, through a farlead and cam cleat located at the top aft corner of the CB trunk, then through another cheekblock, forard thru the second sheave of the double stacked cheek block then attached to the takeup reel. This way I can steer the boat with my legs while using both hands to hoist. My question is what do you do when yo trailer the boat? I assume you just disconnect the spinnaker halyard/mast pulley but thought I'd ask first. Can anyone confirm?

It is not necessary to disconnect anything. The reel just takes up any slack.

In fact the Chute halyard is long enough to be tied to the bow at the bitter end, and use it to lower the mast when on the trailer. I then leave it connected to the bow to be used to assist pulling up the mast at the next regatta.

As the mast is pushed to vertical, the Chute halyard is tightened at the mast and cleated, to hold the mast up while the forestay is being connected. I secure it temporarily around the little wooden cleat on the side of the tabernacle under the deck. This makes raising and lowering the stick a one man operation.

FS 5626

Great idea. Thanks!