Flying Scots in China????

Got this from the FS listserve. Thought it was interesting.

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I suppose it's a sign of success when the Chinese decide to knock off
your product...

You may have to paste the URL back together...

There's another view on page 100 of the 2005 Harken Catalog.

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Wow, yeah the D58 from really looks like the Flying Scot. Even the rigging is extremely similar from what I could see from the pictures.

They also don't keep it a secret that it's designed after an US sailboat stating "Its sister-ship has a long history of success in the United States and thousands of happy sailors think it’s the best small boat design ever built." Right on the mark with that statement. I wonder if they ever got permission or needed to have permission to build the nearly/exactly same boat.

Now with all the numbers and the form and shape being equal to the Flying Scot is the D58 class legal? :) Actually they aren't using balsa as the core so it probably wouldn't be class legal. Still one would like to see a race between the two and of course we'd like to see the FS win.

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This boat has been around for a while. As you can imagine this blatent copy of the Scot has caused undue concern for Harry and Karen Carpenter. Stealing a design [and one's livelihood] is protected in some quarters. The Red Dragon was developed without any licensing or other permissions from Flying Scot Inc.

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Actually the following article is probably the main clausel that causes the D58 not to be able to participate in FS class races (Article S-II 1.): quote:The Hull shall be constructed of molded fiberglass from a mold made from the official plug as originally designed by Gordon K. Douglass. The construction of the hull shall conform to the specifications established by Gordon K. Douglass for licensed builders, which specifications are approved by the Association and are on file in the Association’s Office. What's the market impact on FS Inc. currently. The D58 currently isn't offered in northern America, right? Also I vaguely remember something about a Flying Scot being in an asian boat show a couple years ago. Did FS Inc. consider expanding into Asia?

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The Red Dragon 5.8 is a stolen copy of the Flying Scot. No authorized builders exist outside of Flying Scot, Inc. These sleazeballs have stolen Sandy Douglass’s design without permission by making a mold from an existing hull. Their initial information included references to the Flying Scot. Our attorneys made it clear that we would not stand for such references and they removed them. This boat will not be permitted to compete in Flying Scot events as long as it is produced outside of a license agreement.

Harry Carpenter, President
Flying Scot, Inc.

There is some new news about this topic on the Sailing Anarchy web site and also a somewhat heated discussion on the forum.

BTW, no reason to hate the Chinese. The business owner is a westerner.

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