Flying Scot vs. Lightning

I live in Idaho and sail on many small lakes. I have a young family who loves to sail with me but also spend a lot of time sailing solo. I have come to the conclusion that one of two boats will fit my needs the Flying Scot and the Lighting. As I am sure many of you have had this debate could you please help me compare and contrast these two boats relative to trilering, ease of set up, stability, performnance,technical interest, and pure enjoyment of the sport.

A hot topic for many. Scots are more simple with the rigging and thus easier to set up and trailer. Weights are close enough for trailering to be a non issue. Many Scot sailers sail with only one crew wheras Lightnings are almost always two crew. Recently shared a course with Lightnings and found them to be faster upwind in the chop but was surprised to find that we were faster downwind in about 15 knots breeze. I expected them to be faster since the Lightnings spinn. is much larger than the Scots. I think the Scot may be a more family oriented class. Good luck.

There are numerous comments on the old forum about Flying Scots and Lightnings. I recommend reading the string that started on 11 Oct 2002.

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Good luck. We hope you'll join us as a Scot owner.

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I recently sold my FS to a young couple with two children approx 8 & 10 years old. They had owned a Lightning for several years and found that the setup and rigging were extremely cumbersome. The husband claimed that a minimum of two adults were required to step the mast and if one of the adults happened to be his wife the older child was needed to help. They had the opportunity to sail an FS and could not get over the ease of setup, comfort, and security which prompted them to convert. They were so impressed that they purchased my Scot before they listed their Lightning for sale.