Re Coring with foam

What is the equivalent foam to use for re coring the floor on a Scot?

I would like to avoid balsa if possible and still be able to race the boat.



Don't think foam is legal for a Scot. If the racing powers that be find out, I'm guessing that the boat would be disqualified. I'm sure the racers will chime in here.

Furthermore, I've heard recently that foam coring is not necessarily the cure all for bad coring jobs. Seems to me that I read recently if water gets into a foam core, you can get separation and delamination of the core too. Thus the rigidity of the hull is compromised.

I had my floor recored by Dennis Dieball, who used to work on building Customflex Scots in his younger days. He knows how the boats are put together, has a lot of experience with fiberglass, and also happens to be a hell of a good sailor. He used small blocks of balsa that come webbed together in larger squares of one foot or so. Kind of like small bathroom tile. The original way is to hand lay 2x3inch blocks of balsa in fiberglass resin and then glass over them. Wonder how the new ones are made?

If you were to switch to foam, then why not throw in some carbon for a bit stiffer hull and more strength. Then you could also....

I think the class works hard to keep the boat as original as possible, so you are not feeling that you have to go outspend the next guy to have the latest in fibers and technology. Everyone's technology is the same.

Thanks for the help.


To see how to recore go to this web site :
I did it myself and you can see pictures of the job. Balsa core can be buy in sheet of 2 feet x 4 feet . Small block of endgrained balsa 2x2 inches are kept together by a tissu canevas
Good luck

Flying Scot Inc. will sell you the same core balsa blocks they use in new boat construction. They are your best supply point.

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