2005 Lake Champlain Cruise

For those of you just breaking out your new calendars, make the week before the Saratoga regatta available to join the 2005 cruise. We will start in Montreal (without the boats) for sightseeing the weekend before and then on Monday start sailing south on Lake Champlain, criss crossing the lake and ending up as close to Saratoga as we can, so we can haul out and race at the best regatta, year in and year out, in the Northeast.
Cruising and Racing all in a week and two weekends! The best vacation you could ever imagine.

Plan now!

Info: Graham Hall (grahammhall@mac.com) or 917-697-7440.

Does anyone who's done the Lake Champlain cruise in the past have a list of places they've stopped or a list of Scot-friendly marinas on either side of the lake?

Thanks for any input!