Why did you choose a FS?

Just curious to know why you chose a Flying Scot?

As a recent purchaser (and first time poster), my reasons were:

1. There are fleets near where I live (RRYC and Fishing Bay YC) and I very much intend to race it.

2. It's a family friendly boat and I can take my wife and two little girls out for a daysail without getting everybody all worked up.

3. Price of entry is low (at least compared to the J80 I used to race)


Wow! Not too many responses to a pretty personal topic of enthusiasm! I'd think everyone would like to share their reasons.

I got mine because I love to sail, and wanted my wife and then 4yr old son to learn on a smaller boat. Also the Scot has a lot of room for others to sail along. Plus it was big enough to take out on Lake Erie in most conditions. I also had a vague positive impression about the boat as a friend owned one growing up and it is still in the family-#202.

I was pleasently surprised with the performance of the Scot. It is a comfortable, stable boat that eats up the miles out on the Lake. Pleasant sail.

As an advanced and very active sailor/racer delivery captian and crew, I got my Scot for three reasons. first when I sold my 41' IOR monster sailboat I bought a Stiletto 27 catamaran which I soon found out intimidated the local sailboat racing organization to the point that I was not allowed to compete. The second reason is that while the cat is one awesome ride, it's not exactly the boat for a family with two little kids (ages 2 and three at the time), finally there's the third and last reason which is it's a great family boat with enough stability and room to accomodate the entire family to "family" events. I know of no other one-design that has a husband/wife venue like the FS. That sold it for me... I don;t have a local fleet but it's so easy to rig and tow that we just pile into the van and off we go! TYhere is a forth reason which is I got a great boat for a phenomenal price... guy just wanted it gone. His loss... My gain.

quote:[i]Originally posted by EricG[/i]
[br]Wow! Not too many responses to a pretty personal topic of enthusiasm! I'd think everyone would like to share their reasons.

There are over 25 posts on this same subject under the heading of "Prospective Buyer".

I know that the reason I bought my FS was that there was a racing fleet near by, I could get it in my local harbor without having to wait long, and it was for sale.

I raced it for 4 years and sold it recently when I had to move to an area that did not have a conviently, local FS fleet. I hve been looking for another boat and everyone I see, all I can think of now is that I would kill to have my old FS. Safe, dry, easy to rig and sail, easy to run a spinnaker, great association, great avialable builder, a one design that doesn't change alot, easy to trailer, can be sailed single-handed, raced with 2 people, cruise with up to 6, low maintenance, etc.[:)]