Boat Cover

It looks like the trailerable covers I see for the Scot will cost nearly 500.00 (gasp).
Can anyone suggest other, less expensive, sources?
I'm getting ready to trailer my boat from Minnesota to Florida.

Sorry, but that's what any cover that will take the abuse of trailoring at highway speeds is going to cost.

I have had good experience with Sailor's Tailor full covers up to 90 mph.

Harry the builder talked me into trying the new North covers. He says they are as good but a little lighter in weight.

On the covers - Sailors Taylor, that's it. Don't settle for cheap or more expensive imitations.

We trail with the boat open and use the cover during storage in the boat yard.

I use the blue tarp during the winter with snow.


Yup, Sailor's Tailor is the good one. When another cover has proved itself long enough, then consider it.

I recieved a North cover from F.S. with free shipping for 345.00., about 40.00 cheaper than the Sailor Tailor cover. Unfortunately, it was a bottom cover. Not immediately realizing this, I tugged and cursed for a good while attempting to install it as a top cover. As I did so, I was impressed with how sturdy the unit seemed to be.
F.S. will ship the correct cover soon and I'll provide an update on fit and quality when they do.

The new North trailerable boat cover is on my boat. It looks great, grey with blue accents, and the fit is very good. The access panels to the tie-down strap don't match my older Sterling trailer but should match the newer styles. There was an issue with the first cover sent to me but Harry Carpenter and Greg Fisher (from North) both contacted me and the matter was quickly resolved.
My cover arrived without instructions and it seems like installing it should be a "duh" type of thing but instructions later provided by Greg Fisher made the process much easier.
Flying Scot sent the cover to me for 345.00 with no shipping charges - to my mind a bargain.
If you're in the market for a cover this one is worth checking out. You can see a photo of the cover on a Scot on the North web page.

After liking Sailors Tailor covers very much, I now must vote for the new North covers....I drove home from the FS factory yesterday from western MD to CT, with new #5626 and the North covers flap less at highway speeds, look better and are cheaper too.

The North covers fit like a glove, which may make them more difficult to put on the boat at regattas, but only experience will tell.

The big "Flying Scot" plastered on the side of the top cover is great marketing. Go for the Norths.

The last post on this subject was 2 years ago. It is my turn to buy a cover to be used for trailoring and dry sailing. Your imput would be appreciated.

After more than 2 and a half years, the original North top & bottom covers I wrote about above are still going strong after 5 round trips from the Northeast to Florida and 4 round trips to Lake Norman NC, plus multiple trips to Canada and around the Northeast.
I tow at very high speeds [75-90] and they can take it.

I have a small wear hole at the bow support in the top cover and the zipper has a small spot were the stitching has come loose, but after approx. 15,000 miles of trailering, the Norths are nearly bullet proof.

I had the Sailors Tailor covers on my first Scot and they were good too, but since they were heavier, they were harder to put on/off. The stitching eventually deteriorated from sun rot and I had to spend $150 to get the top cover completely restitched. I understand Sailors Tailor now uses a UV protected thread.

One other thing: I think the ST are made in USA. The Norths are a bit cheaper maybe 'cause they are made in Sri Lanka.