topping lift

[^]Hello sailors---- Well I got to sail my Scot today for the first time, boy what a ride. Can anybody tell me if you use a adjustable topping lift on these boats,and if so what works and how do you rig it. Happing sailing Chuck

I bought the topping lift kit from the FS factory. Easy to install with good directions. I have had mixed luck with the topping lift though. The cam cleat (or whatever it is called) often releases the topping lift when the main is up. I am considering replacing this with a small cleat (which is installed on the mast.)

All in all, I like having it but haven't quite worked out the bugs yet.

Thanks for your repley. Does the one from F/S cleat on the boom? What is it ,a line from the mast head to a block at the end of the boom and than to a cleat? I looked at flying scot ,but could not find it.Chuck[?]

There is a shackle that attaches to the end of the boom. I currently attach it to the fitting where the main sheet connects to. This is something I do not like because the topping lift wants to pull that fitting up while the main sheet wants to pull it down. I have to work on that.

From this shackle, the line goes to the top of the mast, through an attached pulley, and to the cleat at the bottom of the mast near the halyard winches. This clean has on one side a roller, which you can use to pull up the boom, and the other side as a rotatable cleat with teeth on it that holds the line in place. This is the cleat I have had problems with. It sometimes releases the line. I think a small cleat like you see on a dock would do just fine. That is my plan.

Check out part #690810 from the FS online store. This is the kit.

Trying to keep things as simple as possible, I use the spinnaker halyard as a topping lift. One end hooks into the shackle on the end of the boom and the other end (when I am raising or lowering sail) hooks into a loop of line at the base of the mast. After the main is up I move that end of the line to the spinnaker fitting on the mast so that the topping lift is good and loose and doesn't fight the downward pull of the main sheet.