Cleaning Spars

Just a quick note (as I continue to play with my boat) to those of you who need to clean your mast/boom. Someone suggested that I try Flitz from West Marine and I'm quite impressed with the product. It wipes on and does a great job of cleaning. The remaining surface is quite shiny and I expect it to oxidize shortly (and become even) but the marks I had on the boom and mast are gone. Good stuff.

I tried Flitz a few years ago, after buying some at a boat show (it sounded like a miracle cleanser for cleaning metal) and found that it did absolutely nothing when it came to cleaning the mast and/or boom.[:(] I tried it in a few small areas and it was as if I had done nothing! However, because you got such good results I will give it another try.

Wow...that is really odd. It did a great job on the boom today and I'm going to hit the mast tomorrow. It just wipes off the markings and corrosion. As a note (again) it does leave the aluminum shiny and it will have to oxidize again to look "normal".


Did you do anything other than wipe it on and continue rubbing until it was wiped off. As I recall that's what the directions said to do. I didn't use any kind of an abrasive pad - maybe I should have. Also, some metal polishes tell you to let it dry before buffing it off. Will try some of these approaches.

I have seen a number of people us McLube or wd as well