Lifting bridle

I am moving my FS to a club that crane launches. My question is; where does the lifting bridle attach to the boat. In the rear there's a bracket mounted to the CB trunk, but what about the forward attachment point?

Also, what about the bridle itself? I am intending to purchase the nylon one from FS Inc, any comments?

Doug FS4491

Definitely recommend the webbing bridle FS sells. I have an old wire one that scratches the boom and is overkill.

The forward end attaches to a big [1/4 inch?] bolt that goes thru holes in the stantion [tabernacle] above the centerboard and just below the deck edge. Ask FS about the bolt when you order the webbing.

I second the webbing bridle reccomendation. I used a crane for only two launches but it's easely to see how the webbing is gentler to the boat than the wire one. Of course I have the wire one.

Also, in case you don't have anyone to show/help you with the first crane launch, keep the boat well balanced and the boom in the middle crutch position.

Claus FS5074 Ames, IA

Either version of the lifting bridle comes from Flying Scot Inc. with both the bolt/nut that connects horizontally through the tabernacle, and a shackle that connects to the tang on the aft end of the centerboard trunk.

Instructions will come with the bridle as well. Key is making sure the bridle goes from the connection at the tabernacle up one side of the boom and down the other to the centerboard trunk connection. This way the boom performs its crucial function of helping keep the boat upright when on the lift.

Web version is the way to go. It's easier on the boat, as mentioned, and more compact to carry aboard while sailing.

FSSA Forum editor