Asym for the Scott? Potential Owner Questions!


I have been considering a Vanguard Nomad to daysail with my kids. Tonight I took a look at the Flying Scott. Looks like the Scott may do the job. I have a couple of questions.

1. Has anyone ever tried to fly an asymmetrical spinnaker, with extended pole? I had an Ultimate 20 before kids and I am not really looking forward to returning to a conventional spinnaker rig. The sport boat setup has spoiled me.

2. How hard is it to get the Scott to plane?

3. I have read alot of positive comments about the boat, it's design and abilities. What are the boats disadvantages?


I am a Sprit boat sailor myself. I recently acquired a FS and have been very pleased with its performance. The symmetrical spinaker allows a deeper downwind angle but with the addition of a downhaul (afterguy) you can heat it up pretty good. It is small enough to be easily handled and I have enjoyed "playing" with it. I single hand it up to about 13kts. I think an assym would work but since you still have to deploy the pole you haven't gained much.

The boat is heavy but sturdy. The centerboard weight adds a lot of comfort for newbies, especially at the dock. As I recall, the Nomad has a pretty heavy board, too. Every boat has disadvantages. I don't care for the end boom sheeting on the 12 foot long boom. And because of the foot dimension, the main sail is hard to roll single handed.

A strong class association equals good resale value and a strong used boat market.


Thank you for the input!