Knot for jib lines

For the Knot types;
try a PALOMAR knot for the jib
lines attachment to the sail.
This is a strong knot with
at least 95% strength of the line.
The bight is made up of the
port and starboard jib sheet lines.

Hard Starboard; FS#0803

The palomar is great for fishing, but I really don't see any place for it on a sailboat. I is a good knot for slippery line.

Make a loop 6-8 inches from the center of your jib sheet with a simple overhand knot. Pass the loop through the clew of your jib, then pass the bitter ends through the loops. You end up with a simple cow hitch on the clew, but the extra knot aids with windward sheeting. The cow hitch is also very easy to undo.

I would like advice on how and what materials I need to rig the jib sheets so that I have the sheets 6 inches from the clew with 2:1 purchase. Does I use rope or special lead from the clew? what size blocks on the sheets for the 2:1? And advice?