Thanks, again, to Harry Carpenter

Thank you Harry. I appreciate the reassurance. The core is good (you guided me through re-coring it two years ago) and have applied a barrier coat. Wanted to take a moment and mention how I appreciate your availability and willingness to help. It is impossible to say what a positive influence you have had on the sport of sailing and the Flying Scot class. Thanks, again.

I make it a practice to buy any of the sailing equipment I need, that you carry, from Flying Scot, Inc. -- and really like the new on-line ordering. I can sometimes get things a few dollars cheaper elsewhere. But no one else provides the expertise and helpfulness that has proven far more valuable to me than the parts. I encourage all Flying Scot sailors to send all the business we can to Harry and Flying Scot, Inc. He has more than earned my business. Please support the man who does so much for the boat we love to sail.

Kirk Auston
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From: Harry Carpenter
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Sent: Saturday, July 03, 2004 8:11 PM
Subject: Wet sailing your Flying Scot

I picked up your post on the FS Sailboats of North Texas bulliten board. We have more than 100 Scots moored in our lake here in Western Maryland. There is no problem with the core as long as there aren't any cracks or damage to the laminate that would let water into the core. Water will not migrate through the laminate to the core. We have seen problems with blistering in some of the boats built in the 70's, but this is a cosmetic problem.

Harry Carpenter
Flying Scot, Inc.