Mooring Advice

Can anyone share their experience/advice about mooring a Flying Scot? I am considering mooring it in a freshwater lake in Oklahoma, with anti-fouling bottom paint and a Sailor's Tailor mooring cover. Am primarily worried about damage to the hull/blasa core from staying in the water all season. Any advice would be appreciated.


Kirk: I've successfully moored for two seasons using the Sailors Tailor cover. It is very heavy duty but I had to fuss with the bungees after they stretched. The aluminum hooks will leave marks on the deck if the plastic sleeves aren't kept in place. Prior to mooring I had the bottom sanded and a barrier coat applied before the bottom paint. I also attached the jib halyard to the bow eye and kept a little tension on it to keep the mast from banging around due to the loose rig. I don't know if this was overkill but I reseated the screws for the centerboard gasket in 3M 4200 just to be certain that they weren't admitting water. Later, I added a swim ladder to help with boarding.

What do people recommend for an average
inland lake mooring anchor weight? I made
a weekend anchor of old mooring chain and
40 lbs of cement; 75-90 lbs or so.
This might be too heavy to pull up??

Hard Starboard; FS#0803

A 50 lb. mushroom anchor works well. Cement loses a lot of its weight under water. The mushroom with about 10 to 15 feet of 3/8 chain and then 1/2 inch line as long as the water depth to the float works well. I like the float that lets the line pass right through it so you don’t need to worry about the float hardware failing.

I moor my FS803 in portland maine harbor on a 250 lb mushroom. the mushroom is over kill but good piece of mind. we can get a nor-easter kicking up 3 foot waves in our mooring field. we have 7 to 10 foot tides. there is a 10 foot bowline and 15 foot tether. I have painted the bottom with hydrocoat anti-fouling paint with great results. Pettit Hydrocoat is formulated with a 40% cuprous oxide content durable, water-based resins. the real key is water based =easy clean up. we are in a very aggressive fouling waters in maine and the first year only required touch up. I was concerned about the twice a day tide wear and tear on the boat but it was not that bad on the boat. If I can moor a 40 year old boat in one of the most aggressive harbors on the north Atlantic, you can do it inland.

Hard Starboard; FS 803