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Do we want advertisements on our forum? Personally, I don't care for the idea.

Personally I think allowing/prohibiting ads would be a very difficult decision. For one the ad has to do with sailing so on that base it's applicable. Also where is the borderline between an ads and suggestions, reccomendations, advises, ... by people that do sell the product as well.

For sure I don't want to scare people like Harry away because he does provide us with helpful info and I value it quite highly. But on the other hand it would have been nicer of JPMoorings to ask Hank if he could add their site to the link section or inquire about advertising on the FSSA site and/or forum.

I certainly wouldn't mind a forum category where businesses can mention their new services & products as long as it's relevent. Of course ultimately this desicion is the FSSA's.

Claus FS5074 Ames, IA

I seem to recall that there is already a place for vendors to advertise on the FSSA web page. Have I got that right?
If ads are allowed on the forum I forsee a potentially very complicated process of deciding what should be allowed. It may be best to avoid all that by directing vendors to a specific area. I would like to know if a service or product is available to me as a Flying Scot owner - just not on the forum unless in the form of a recommendation by other members. As for Harry, I see him in a class of his own in terms of what he contributes, he can do as he pleases. Besides, he strikes me as a very modest man and not given to self-aggrandisement.

There is definately a grey area here... Flying Scot does a lot to support FSSA,

This JP Moorings on the other hand is way beyond the grey area. I believe that ALL FSSA members should boycott JP Moorings on principle alone. Then maybe other potencial advertisers will see the err of their ways...