motor...throttle control..shift? where to sit?

So, I have the motor but need to be able to shift and turn in tight situations along with throttle control...some rig suggestions? would rather use the tiller but cannot in many tight situations befor getting out into the river.

I try to keep my motor fixed in the straight ahead position and steer with the tiller. This has worked well for me, provided I have the rudder all the way down so it doesn't contact the prop. My method is to stand on the afterdeck and steer the tiller with my foot. This is no more dumb than most other methods and provides for good visibility.

Along with this issue, I am curious if anyone has had success with the mid-boom mainsheet purchase hardware that keeps the mainsheet away from the stern when motoring?

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I am very pleased with factory mid-boom sheeting. Not even tempted to look for an alternative for the type of daysailing that I do.

Lake Norman, NC