Location of jib sheet turning block

I've noticed that some people have the jib sheet turning blocks mounted to the foredeck. We have ours on the side a ways aft of the jib track. As it is, I often end up sitting on the windward sheet. Also, when we have guests in the cockpit, the jib sheet always seems to get in the way. The guest always seems to sit in front of it.

What are your thoughts on the foredeck mounted blocks? From the couple of pictures I've seen, they had a set of two cam cleats for each jib sheet, one for sheeting from the windward side, one from leeward. Since the sheet is now coming from in front of the boom vang, does this introduce more problems with lines, i.e. with the jib sheet and boom vang getting tangled together? (See an example at the top of this page: http://home.att.net/~unofficial-flyingscot-page/jibcontrol.html ours is currently more like the picture at the bottom of the page.)

We've also seen people who have mounted the block directly aft of the jib sheet track. That would at least minimize the space comandeered by the jib sheet and make it easier for the crew to sit foreward.

Any other tips?