Jib sheet block and cleat arrangement

Currently, my single purchase jib sheet runs through a single 3" ratchet block attached to the jib car and then across to the other side of the boat where it cleats on the side deck just aft of the windward jib lead. This cross sheeting restricts access to the forward cockpit. I have seen the unofficial FS site and have seen the seat cleating method. I want to change to a 2:1 purchase system. Has anyone tried a single swivel block with becket and cam cleat (harken 2616) attached directly to the car? With the 2:1 purchase, is a ratchet block needed? The ratchamatic almost doubles the price and brings the price tag for this change to $350+. Any and all advice will be appreciated.

Mark Sutphen
Hull #1520


We never use the rachet on our jib blocks, I would suggest that you stay with a larger vs smaller block on the jib track. When cleated to the seat cleats, it bring the clew of the jib closer to the mast. You can get the a complete kit from Flying Scot for under $50. This kit will use your existing blocks mounted on the jib track. You will need to putchase blocks and cleats for the seats.

We're looking to update our jib sheet configuration. I would love to see the pictures you have of your setup. I don't think I've seen a 2:1 purchase on a jib yet. In heavy air I could sure use the extra help getting the jib tight.