What size motor to get?

Suggestions....sailing on the Hudson with 5-6 knot currents..
Between a[?] 2.5 or a 4 hp

Normally I would say that the 2.5 is plenty of power. It still may be. With 5-6kts it could take you a looong time to go a few miles upstream. So maybe the 4 is a better answer for you. Unfortunately it is also almost twice as heavy and a lot harder to work around.

If you know how to read currents, you can work the 3mph area and skirt most of the heavy stuff. But to consistantly handle this current I think the 4 is the answer.

OK, I slept on it. If it was me, I'd probably go with the 2.5. Is there any way you can borrow a motor of each size to actually try it out?

Are these tidal currents, or does the Hudson always run this strong upstream? That seems like a lot of current for non peak flow seasons. Does it eventually back off?

I guess I've cancelled myself out in the recommendation area. Hopefully a bit more info to decide with. I think the 2.5 should be enough to push your boat 6-8kts.

Your question about what size motor to use on the Hudson piqued my interest. I have been looking for information concerning sailing on the Hudson with a FS. Would be interested to know what area you sail in and any other info you might have about the Hudson. Is it a FS-friendly area? I have only come across a couple of people who have sailed on the Hudson with FS and the concensus has generally been negative. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
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