Boat names?

Ok, this is a very important question. [:D]

We purchased FS5074 a year and a half ago. She still has the name the original owner gave her. The name is very personal for the original owner, but not to us. How did all of you pick names for your Scots? We want to pick a good one so she doesn't hold it against us, but we haven't come up with anything we like yet.

BTW, 5074's name right now is "The Conn". The original owner's wife's name is Connie.

Melissa: I used an organic method; after I got to know my boat really well its name came as inspiration. In my case, it's Rozinante, which, as you may recall, was the name of Don Quixote's horse. It had the task of transporting an aging and sometimes delusional warrior.
The tradition of the sea warns that changing the name of a boat can be bad luck so it's wise to put together a name changing ritual that will appease the gods of high seas and big winds.
For the actual name I used a firm that computer-cut a vinyl stencil that was very high quality. They emailed fonts for me to choose from. I have their contact information if you're interested.

Lore has it that changing the boat name is bad luck. However, there are some "guidelines" that may be followed to minimize any bad luck if you do make a change:

1. Remove the old name from everything (anchors, tillers, lifejackets, etc.), not just on the boat
2. Don't make the name change on a Friday
3. Do make the name change at night on a new moon
4. Your condition should be a slightly (or more so) celebratory state (champaign is common) - this isn't good for getting the new lettering on straight, but is meant to appease the gods & spirits
5. Some of your celebratory liquid should be given to the boat
6. Never mention the old name again

Great topic....I had a C15 named Bernoulli's Beast (get it?) and wanted to name my nameless FS Bernoulli's Beast II. What is the "rule" on II and III names?



Never heard of any rules of whether you can name a boat a II, III, etc., except that you owned the preceding one. I say have at it.

quote:Originally posted by Transom

6. Never mention the old name again

Do we need to erase the old name from this forum as well? [;)]

Claus FS5074 Ames, IA

Sorry Claus, I misunderstood you. It couldn't hurt, perhaps fill it in with some astericks.

Go Drake.


I had a Kolibri (exactly like an Echo) and when I bought her, the name was Till Tea. I never want a Till Tea boat again.

I named FS2552 BeamMe. First, because the Scot seems a very beamy boat. Secondly, a bit of whimsy from the Star Trek days; "Beam me up Scotty!" Just seems to fit the right level of seriousness for myself and the boat.

Fun topic....

What is everyone paying for graphics these days? I had a local shop quote me on Bernoulli's Beast and they want $500 for vinyl lettering in a semi-graphic design in outdoor vinyl. Sorry...that is a bit silly! Even some fun wavy graphics are $400 on some sites. Any good ideas?


As far as vinyl lettering, we got our boat registration number cut at a local sign shop. I don't know if they are rated for outdoors or anything, but they basically let us pick the font and they cut them out with the computer. I think it was about $20. They've weathered one season just fine. Maybe it would cost more if you had a design along with it or non-standard lettering.

What kinds of graphics are you talking about for $400 or $500? Are they color graphics?


We did the same as Melissa. We went to Fast Signs (they are a chain). They do boat lettering in a variety of fonts. I don't know about graphics, but my guess is that they do depending on the detail level. We only had to wait a day or two. We had a pick of many colors, although we needed white because we have a green hull. We have had it on the boat for 3 years and it still looks good. I think we paid around $25. Easy to put on, no worries.

Wow. I'll stop by the sign shop tomorrow. I've looked on-line googling "boat graphics" and get the $500 pricing. Even stock waves and two color graphics are in that range. See..the forum has saved me the membership price already! <G>


I think Brian was looking at [url=""][/url] or some similar page. The difference there is that they do actual graphic in some nice fancy ways not just simple vinyl letters that are cut out. On top of that they provide a design service where they make an image of how the new graphics will look on your boat.

Although those graphics can look pretty cool I think most of us would save the money and just go with the vinyl lettering in some nice font.

Claus FS5074 Ames, IA

New name:


Because sailing makes you feel and look young.


We named our Scot #4831 "Blitzen".

The named fit in two or three ways:
1. We honeymooned at a place in New Hampshire called the Christmas Farm Inn. All of their rooms have holiday related names. We stayed in Blitzen and have returned to that same room many times on vacation.
2. Blitzen is a "flying" raindeer.
3. Blitzen likes it here in snowy Maine.

When I was trying to come up with a good name for FS367 I noticed the ghost of the original name (from several owners back) on the transom - CHIN UP. I decided to keep this name as it seemed like a good motto for someone just learning to sail! Also liked the idea of not having to change the name. Someone named Chin once owned the boat and came up with the name which has lasted for almost 40 years now![^]

I had two, two-color, nine letter names done by Cannot tell you of durability, because they is brand new. Cost was under $78 including shipping.

Easy as pie to choose colors, font type, and you'll see a preview of what the name will look like.

As for names, two classics I've always liked are:
Hot Ruddered Bum and
Sailbad the Sinner

Maybe you can come up with your own play on words

FSSA Forum editor

Melissa: I am certain that a number of us are waiting to hear what you decide to name your boat. Will you let us know?

Sure, I'll post when we decide. We've made a list of names we are considering, but the perfect name hasn't hit us, yet!

Here is our list, so far...
Sea Sick
Little Creek (We sail on a lake called Big Creek.)
Trail 'n Sail
Ferry Tail
Neptune's Toy
Knotty Girl
Blow My Dinghy

So, as you can see, we still have some brainstorming to do. My favorite so far is Knotty Girl [:)]


Back to how did I name my Scot - as an old rock and roller there was a song in the 60's by the Troogs called Wild Thing. It includes the lines of "you make my heart sing, I think I love ya". After an initial sail in the boat in 10 to 20 winds I came in and knew the boat had to be named Wild Thing because that first sail sure did make my heart sing!

Nice webpage, Harry. I know of John Vigor's work and respect his opinion. I like the denaming ceremony. We may find ideas of this type amusing but they take on some weight when the wind and waves have us in their grip.
I hope I don't chip my new gelcoat when I hit the stem with the bottle.

Time on the water with my sons is PRICELESS. Ergo my boat name. I got the lettering from the Boat US web sight. I got both sides for about $25.

RE-naming ceremonies are even better if you share the appropriate libations with your clubmates. This will diffuse any residual vapors remaining from the previous name.

As for the succession question: we hade friends who named their boats, "Dolly,", "Dolly II," and "Dolly, Too." I don't know what they would've done with a 4th boat. Good luck!

As for the succession question: we hade friends who named their boats, "Dolly,", "Dolly II," and "Dolly, Too." I don't know what they would've done with a 4th boat.

How about "For Dolly"

Our Boat was named Joy Toy... I have just let the name "wear out"

Sometimes, I think a picture is worth a thousand words, so I just stuck a bunch of Grateful Dead Dancin Bears on the back.

No bad luck with name changing this way... and if I every get stranded at a dead show with my boat, I will fit in just fine..


quote: Can you use beer in leu of champaigne?

Seems more appropriate, doesn't it?

Re. the Name:
We're having 784 restored at the factory this year as its Fortieth Birthday Present. The re-gellcoating ought to remove pretty much all "vestiges" of the old name along with a lot of the old boat. I've always called her by her number and probably always will. We'll put a new name on her, though. As we have had 784 in the family since 1968 (three generations worth), the name on the transom will be "Eyre H'Lume".

Re. the Ceremony:
I'm thinking that a dram of 25 year-old single malt, plus another dram of 15 year old single malt, will add up to 40, and should be in the proper spirit of things....

We decided to make a statement about our faith with the name for our boat. We named her "Flying Fish" and included an icthus ("Jesus fish") in the graphic on each side. After all, being able to afford the luxury of owning a boat and being a yacht club memeber is certainly a significant blessing that none of us should take for granted. Even more significant for me though, is the blessing of having my kids crew for me. Praise God!

#5193, Flying Fish ><>

Black hull. White deck.

Reminded me of an 8-ball.

The name stuck.



Well, when I went to buy my Flying Scot, she was a wreck. I actually looked at it for about five minutes, swatted at some yellow jackets and walked away. Why? Well, it was a 1971 model, weathered, had been spray painted by aerosol can in a beautiful primer gray. I didn't know much about sailing (actually nothing), but it sure didn't look ship shape. So I passed on the boat. Later that night, my wife said that $600 wasn't that much for a sailboat, two sets of sails and a trailer. Why not go buy it and try sailing to see if I liked it. If it sunk on the first trip, I'd have a $600 laugh/story. So I did. It wasn't named. We took it home, looked at all the patching it needed and the sad shape it seemed. So since the hull had been spray painted, and it didn't have a name, I cut out some stencils and taped them on each side at the stern. For effect, I used flat black spray paint. What else did I need? Ductape. Now there's a name. So "Ductape" became famous on the lake. Kids would come by to see Ductape. Well, my first year out, I placed 4th in the regatta out of 21 boats. Ductape has gone down in history - but she still floats! If you sail a boat that ugly, you'd better have a sense of humor!

Name placement: One side, both, transom???


quote:[i]Originally posted by Transom[/i]

LOL, you aren't allowed to respond differently with that handle. [:)]

Common places for a boat name is on the transom, on both sides at the rear, or on both sides at the middle. It's really up to you where you like to place it. Here are some samples.

Name on transom:

Name at the rear of the side:

Name in middle of side:

Claus FS5074 Ames, IA

I bought #216 when she was named Banana Boat - when we got her down to NC, from Wisconsin, and everyone saw me sailing the little yellow Scot (she's yellow w/ cream decks), they all laughed and said I looked like I was "driving the Short Bus".....and based on my normal "crew" that's probably not far off base. Out of respect, I won't put that actual name on her stern, but that's what we call her. even thinking about putting lights and a stop sign on the sides for our annual Holiday Flotilla.......

We just named our FS "Snowball's Chance"...reflecting our optimism that we just might win a race some day.

2450 christened "Scot Free"; I'm sure we're not alone.[8D]

I purchased FS 381 about two 1/2 years ago. The previous owner had taken off all the hardware and was preparing her for refurbishing when he lost interest in her. I had no idea if she had a previous name. After many months of hard work....she is absolutely glorious! I was at odds as to what her name would be. The night before we were to launch her, one of my favorite Phil Collins songs came on the radio; "In the Air Tonight". I knew at that moment that my beautiful Flying Scot 381 would be forever known as, "In the Air". Pretty catchy, huh?

Bonny & Doug Smith

Our past boat names were Spirit, Spirit II, and No Problem. Two other boats did not get names. So we have been pondering a name for our newly acquired 5372 Scot. So far we have some interest in Spirit 3, Messing About (from the "Messing About In Boats" book), Freedom, Slip Away (from song..Maybe We Can Slip Away and Have A Lovers Holiday), and today New Port...we have always loved the town of Newport RI where we met in 1969 and return every 5 yrs for a week of frolic and memories and now have a slip in a State Park Marina.

Anyone like any of these or have any helpful comments? We are not in a hurry and will take the winter months to finalize a name selection. Naming a boat is such a personal thing and for us has always meant something special. I even looked at all the Americas Cup boats names.


...I don't think you need "helpful comments" you said, "Naming a boat is such a personal thing and for us has always meant something special"...

We recently named our Scot in honor of our late teenage daughter, "Nichole Lynn" with a graphic of a beautiful young girl playing the flute...

Family and friends were present for the de-naming and re-naming ceremony -- very rewarding event...

...what a great feeling sailing "Nichole Lynn"...almost like she's right there with us...

Keith (FS4049)

We finally decided on a name for our 5372 last nite during a session of attitude adj on the front was fun. We started by deleting names from our couple of lists and narrowing it down.

It will be "FREE SPIRIT" which we decided to not use in 1984 when the Sear's bicycle was the same name and well known. So we then named our 2nd boat, just SPIRIT, then the next boat was SPIRIT II, then NO PROBLEM for the 4th boat, then no name for the 5th boat which we didn't like. So we are saying we are returning to our roots. Our 2nd choice was sort of SABBATIKOS after a 38 ft boat we chartered in the BVI's in 1995....from that trip we actually decided on NO PROBLEM...guess why. Yup, boat naming is a very personal, feeley thing. The name FREE SPIRIT basically identifies our independent spirits both as a couple and as individuals since our marriage on July 4th in 1970 (our independence day...some may differ). On the water, we may go after you or ignor you, or go max speed or kick back and go slow.....whatever the spirit moves us. We will have to have a christening ceremony and decide on a graphic. We think we have the nautical flag for 1st letter (E) of wife's first name before the name and my letter (J) after name. This will give it some "red, white, blue" color. After NO PROBLEM, we added a palm tree following the name.

Congrats on the new name! I have been going thru the same struggle for my new to me FS 4957. Gee, I never thought it would be so difficult nameing a boat.

Guess I should follow your lead - front porch dicussion with some light liberations!

Good post - thank you.

FS 4957
Multi names under consideration [:D]

Andy, here is some further help....good website references.

That outta keep you busy. And good luck. Let us know what you decide.

Thanks, Jim.

You are right - this will keep me busy for a while![:D]