2023 Fleet 23 Open House regatta is finished - brisk winds but loads of fun. Great job by Chairperson Mady McCraken-Atkins and Flying Scot Fleet 23, Congratulations to Bill Draheim on the win! Full results are here. And some photos are at https://photos.app.goo.gl/wXpFr1tpcauF151r7.

Racers - Become informed about Race Committee Guidelines, Sailing Conditions, and Wind Limits Document

The Executive Board wants to make members aware of a key document for regattas. It directs event organizers, Race Committee, PRO, and competitors alike on how FSSA races should be structured and run. These guidelines include length and number of races, communications, and many aspects of sailing conditions that affect the quality, safety, and enjoyment of sailing in these regattas. Please take some time and become familiar with the contents. 

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2023 Wife-Husbands at Birmingham SC is done! 5 races in challenging light to lighter winds.. Congratulations to Nina and Robert Cummings, Championship winners and Kelly and John Bryant, Challenger Winners! Thanks to Birmingham Sailing Club, chair Richard Wade and PROs JD Rosser and Dave Hackney for a great regatta!!! Next year, Atlanta Yacht Club. Results are here: https://www.fssa.com/content/2023-wife-husband-birmingham-sc-al

2023 W-H 5 races done, headed in! Awards as soon as they are ready!

The sun was shining and it was 80° so we can't complain! We got in 2 four leg W-L races after a postpone and a race abandon. Winds were light and variable, sometimes 5, sometimes 2, but we got spline races done. We thought there might be a third but we're going in for dinner.. watch for results here https://www.fssa.com/content/2023-wife-husband-birmingham-sc-al