From our Chief Measurer:

This is a reminder that having the forestay turnbuckle above deck is illegal.  The Official Plan has the turnbuckle (item 50) below deck connected to the toggle.

Photo courtesy of TK Kowalczyk - Davis Island Yacht Club hosted the 4th of the 2023-2024 Florida District Sereis events on January 13-14, 2024. Some sporty winds kept the sailors on their toes for 5 races over 2 days. Tim Porter from Lake Norman Yacht Club had 4 bullets and a 5th to take an impressive win over a talented field. Dave Rink form lake Eustis Sailing Club was 2nd, Brent Barbehenn from Riverton Yacht Club was 3rd, Brian Hayes from Housatonic Boat Club was 4th and John Clark from Duxbury Yacht Club was 5th. Full results are ...

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So... who's coming to Midwinters? Registration is open for the 2024 Midwinters and GWBR at Lake Eustis, FL. Hope to see you there!


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Perhaps these are the escapees from Washington, D.C. Good to see they had the sense to escape in a sailboat!