Regatta Chair Eric Gunderson has everything under control as measurement starts for the NAC. Will you boat measure in? Will your sails? Do you have all the required safety equipment? Good luck and let's go sailing soon ⛵️

Photos from the event can be seen at 


Pictures - Buddy Byington's boat all buttened up and ready for the drive!

Teams are on their way to the 2022 Flying Scot North American Championshop at North Cape Yacht Club, La Salle, MI. There are 50 teams from several states and the competition will be fierce and fun. Who makes Championship? Challenger? Where would you rather be? Can't  wait!

At the Egyptian Cup this year, the participants decided to repeat an activity from several years ago, circa 1994, at the same event. The last time there were 28 people along with a keg of beer on the boat.  This year, there were no kegs, so they were able to get 32 people on the boat with no water coming over the centerboard trunk (well maybe a little).  What a boat!

The FSSA Amendments Committee has been working on changes to the Bylaws and Constitution to clarify, correct and update our Class Rules. This team has worked hard to ensure our rules are in line with how we operate and are clear for our members to read and understand. Some of the changes will be voted on at the Annual Meeting in July 2022,  Click here to view a copy of the proposed changes....

Flying Scott Great 48

Submitted by Pete Marriott, PRO

Seventeen Flying Scots gathered at Lake Norman Yacht club for the annual Flying Scot Great 48; the weather looked perfect for a great weekend of sailing!   After a warm breakfast, the boats hit the water for sailing Saturday.  Mother nature, however, did not read the weather report and during the first race won by John Kreigdler and Dan Tegel there was a large shift that caused the second half of the fleet to beat into the finish line and then the wind shut down as rain went around the lake which kept the sailors dry, but...

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