Shared by Jim Davis on Facebook - Nice story from Tom Ehman Jr. on the history of Flying Scots on Portage Lake in Michigan.


Bay Waveland Yacht Club in Bay St.Louis, MS, will host the 2023 Midwinters - NOR and registration on Regatta Network at https://www.regattanetwork.com/event/25614

Hey Folks, we are throwing a party and you are invited. 

Our yacht club is a beautiful facility as you can see from the pictures, built after Hurricane Katrina, bigger and better.  Our sailing venue is especially fine: close enough to the open water to get winds but none of the rough seas that you expect outside the bridges and not far...

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We had a very special guest stop by this week!  Santa was looking for a way to unwind and we had just the thing.  Merry Christmas to all from the entire FSI crew!

While the northern folks are freezing and waiting for spring, there's plenty of racing going on in the south! Take a look at the results to date for the Florida District Series! Then get your boat ready and join them for the rest!  Take a look at the results here.  And take a look at the upcoming events on the hme page to see where you can go next.