FSSA Class Rules

Flying Scot Sailing Association Class Rules, including Constitution, Bylaws, Specifications, Chief Measurer’s Rulings, Official Plan, and Sail Measurement

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Recent Updates:

The Revision dated 1-6-2020 revised article B-IX 3 to change event dates between June 1 and October 31

The Revision dated 8-26-2019 revised

Updated Article X – Executive Officers e. Chief Measurer

revised Article B-X 1. to provide guidance on the Mid Winter Championship schedule. Revised Article
B-VIII 9.c. Chartering Eligibility from a 2 year membership requirement to a 4 month membership requirement.

updated Article S-III – Spars, Rigging and Fittings Running Rigging a. Main Sheet. Added CMR 88.
Clarified CMR 73. Deleted CMR 17.