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Action Item Form

The purpose of this form is to provide the Executive Committee or the Board of Governors members a way to submit action items.

Bid Letter Template

A template to use when bidding for nationalevents like the North Americans and the Wife-Husband regattas.

Chartering or Borrowing Form

The purpose of this form is to verify that the helmsman meets the requirements for chartering or borrowing a boat.

Co-Ownership Certification Form

The purpose of this form is to verify that the boat co-ownership is legitimate and only one co-owner is registering for the regatta.

District Governor Kit

This is a template for District Governors

Fleet Captains Manual

This is a template for fleet captains

Fleet Constitution & Bylaws

This is a template for Fleet Constitution and Bylaws

Fleet of the Year Score Sheet

This document is for fleet captains to complete for submission of the Fleet of the Year award.

Flying Scot Official Plan

This is the Flying Scot Official Plan provided by Flying Scot, Inc.

FSSA Active Fleet Map

This is a map of active fleets as of 2009.

FSSA Class Rules

Flying Scot Sailing Association Class Rules, including Constitution, Bylaws, Specifications, Chief Measurer’s Rulings, Official Plan, and Sail Measurement

Link to the document here.

Recent Updates:

The Revision dated 7-23-2018 revised

Article XII.2 Executive Committee to reflet current practice.

Article XIII – Standing Committees to reflect current practice.

Deleted CMR 11.

Revised Article S-II-Hull and Appurtenances paragraph 6 to make Flying Scot® Inc. sole supplier of rudder blades.

Revised Article III paragraph 5.a Mainsheet to remove the word “wire”.


FSSA Future Sanctioned Regattas

The FSSA sanctions 4 yearly regattas, the North American Championships, the Midwinters Championships, The Atlantic Coast Championships and the Wife-Husband Championships.

The attached shows the future locations for FSSA sanctioned regattas.  It also shows open slots available for fleets to bid.

FSSA Organizational Chart

The Flying Scot Sailing Association Executive Committee, Officers and Board of Governors shown as an organizational chart. (PDF)

Host Questions

Questions that a club will be asked that is bidding for a national event.

Managing FSSA.COM National Event Pages

HERE is instruction for Event Coordinators and their staff.  It describes the creation and management of web site data to provide the detail needed for a National Event web site.