Vang Bridle Attachment

Can I change the attachment point on the tabernacle for the vang bridle and still be class legal?
Brent Sells

The class specs say that the vang has to be attached to the tabernacle. A specific attachment point is not specified.Check out: pdf file contains the specifications for the boat and the Chief Measurer's Rulings.GregFlying Scot #1087 

Thanks for the response. My centerboard line is constantly being trapped by the vang bridle. Some of the older scots in our club have the bridle attached to the tabernacle higher and to the stern which seems to eliminate a lot of complication when rigging other controls. I just wasn't sure that it was a legal change.

Sounds like it may be legal, but if you move the attachment point up, you are pulling the boom forward more and possibly putting more pressure on the mast and gooseneck.In a lower position it seems it would pull down more.Seems like most boats have it in the stock position.  Does your boat have wooden tab on the  stanchion that the CB line passes through?  This is designed to keep the vang line off the CB line.Phil

I added a picture of the way it's set up on my boat. Click here.  The white line with the red flecks is the boom vang bridle. This setup is original to the boat, which was built in 1967. There are no indications that the vang bridle has been set up any other way. I have had the vang on hard enough to bend the boom to the point that I thought it might break and there has never been a problem.GregFlying Scot #1087

To keep the vang line out of the centerboard wheels, tie a piece of bungee cord to the holes where the lifting bridle bolt goes. Run the bungee under the vang line first. Adjust the length of the bungee to what is needed to keep the line out of the wheels.

Greg,Your vang is set up exactly like I was planning on changing mine. Its good to hear that it functions well. I'm going to change it today. Thanks for all the responses. This is the first time I've used the forum and it was quite helpful.Brent

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As I recall from many years ago the newer, further forward attachment point for the bridle was a change advocated by Sandy when he realized that it would reduce the increase in tension that occurred when the boom was let out.I expect Harry could confirm this.

Greg, could you repost the photo? The original link is no longer active. Thanks, Larry

Well, I would if I could figure out how to post a picture. If you will email me at I'll send you a picture; or if you can explain how to post one on this list, I'll do that.
The picture is in my "Gallery" but it doesn't insert into this message. Don't know why. Try this link:

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Earlier boats did not have the vang bridle attached directly under the mast. Sandy was a bit embarrassed when he realized that this meant that vang tension would greatly increase when the mainsheet was eased out. He advised relocating the vang bridle attachment to the tabernacle so it was directly under the mast. This solved the problem.
Harry I'm sure can give you the precise location for the bridle attachment points. My boat is not conveniently available just now.