Vang Attachment Point

The vang on my scot is frequently restricted by the centerboard drum winch line, especially on starboard tacks. In fact it resulted in the centerboard line being jammed between the drum winch and the tabernacle during last Sunday's race.  My scott has the bridle for the vang attached below and forward of the winch drum for the centerboard. Is it class legal to drill a hole in the tabernacle above and just stern of the drum to mount the vang bridle? There are a few scots at our club that are set up like this, and it doesn't appear to change the angle or travel of the vang, but no one is sure if it is a legal change.

The vang bridal goes outside the wooden tab that sticks out on the starboard side of the stanchion. The CB pennant goes through the tab, so they won't bind on each other.

If your boat doesnt have that, you can probably get just the tab from Harry.

See linked photo. The black line is the vang bridle.!...

This boat has won the NAC a few times, it's Al Terhune's


Thanks for the reply. Mine is set up exactly like the picture in the link you provided. Do you know if moving the attachment point for the bridle is class legal?
Brent Sells
FS906, Hoover Sailing Club

Brent,On my old Scot I had an issue with the vang bridle getting caught under the centerboard line tab.  Is this what you see?  The vang bridle (the black line in the photo) should cross the tab at the same point as shown in the photo when under tension.With my old Scot I added a small piece of metal strapping to extend the tab lower and prevent the bridle from being caught under the tab.

I think Glenn is right, the older boats had a different shape to the tab. I had Harry replace my stanchion, so I have the new shape.