Seeking feedback on whether this mast is too bent to repair.

Please take a look at the attached photos and let me know your thoughts on whether you think this mast bend can be "bent back" in shape good enough for day sailing on FS#1251.
Craig Smitham

I'm no pro.  I bent a mast a little less than that and now use all the time.  It's my cruiser but it sits on a mooring in a very windy, wavy bay all season.
Two points of fulcrum ( it was two trees for me ) will tell you where you're at...
Good luck.

The first photo looks like the mast is kinked.  If you bend it back, look very closely at the area where the kink was and you may see metal fatigue, like a crack or white fissure.  I wouldn't use this mast in much wind, if at all.  Think of a broken mast with sharp edges as you are trying to self rescue.  It could also ruin the sail, or chew on the boat, if it breaks.
I would call Harry for an opinion, and see if you can find a used mast.

The kink looks kind of bad to me, but what the heck it is just going to be scrap metal anyway.  You could try bending it back toward straight and see how it goes.