Rope Halyard Conversion

The Scots and Water magazine has an interesting idea about getting rid of the steel cable for the halyards and using rope halyards.  Supposed to be faster to drop the sail and easier to drop the jib without going out on the foredeck.  Anybody have an experience with this?
Richard Potter
 FS 2814

You are right, this would be faster to drop the jib.  It is not legal for class racing.  The article was referring to using rope halyards in a sailing school setting.

There was a short letter about this in the latest issue of Scots 'n' Water.  The letter was from Flying Scot Inc. owner Harry Carpenter. The letter explained why the wire halyard and winch system is best for the Flying Scot.  Harry does not recommend that private boat owners change to a rope halyard system.  There is also of course the problem that such a change would not be class legal.