Painting my Scot

I'm ready to order paint for the hull of my #2280. I've checked the forum and have not found numbers for: (A) the sq. ft. of the bottom below the boot strip, and separately (B) for rest of the hull (or just the area above the bootstrip).  I would think this would be well known, but not to me.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

According to Harry: The bottom is approximately 75 sq. ft. The sides of the hull including the waterline is approximately 65 sq. ft.

 How about the top sides including seats etc ?I'll be spraying her within the next few weeks and need two different colors; top and hull / sides.

I used a quart & 2/3 when rolling on the Interlux 1 part paint. 3 coats and it looks awesome.

I just finished painting the hull and topsides of hull number 115 using 2 part Interlux with a fine roller and brush. The primer and finish coats took a little less than a full quart.
The deck and seats took almost a full quart. For the primer and a little less for the finish coats.  The non slip coat on the deck and bottom of the seats took 3/4 of a guart with the non slip additive.  Taped off edges around tracks, blocks, cleats and did not do the seat backs with non slip.
We've use both the two part on the hull of a R Boat and one part on deck with great results.  Expensive but the results and wear resistance are worth the expense.  Good luck

What paint and how much did it take for the waterline?  We are reburbishing our hull and the waterline will need a good painting.Thanks!

I bought a quart, and I probably have enough paint it 10 times. Phil

  A pint of Interlux BrightSides will do it many times over too.  It is very 'watery' and you will have plenty for the (3) coats.  I unknowingly bought a quart and literally barely touched it.I did the roll and tip method - came out great.  I used the narrow, small white, foam rollers ( with their accompanying roller handles ) that you can get at a hardware store - no lint, and a decent brush.  Use Interlux 216 for brush clean up...I also recommend buying the better green, FROG TAPE for the tape off - works superior for a crisp line ! BTW -I just finished painting my whole boat with AWLGRIP 2000 - came out GREAT !  Like new.  As with any paint job, the sanding and fairing is EVERYTING !!!!  Good luck. 


I sprayed mine with gelcoat , I used a gallon and a quart on the bottom , and I used 1 gallon on the seats,deck and trunck . If you are rolling you will use slightly less .