Lazy Jacks

Hello,I am in my second summer with my Scot and am seriously consdering installing Lazy Jacks, specifically Jiffy Jax. The kids love to sail and swim off the boat and having the sails out of the way would simplify things greatly. I also plan on increasing my time singlehanding the boat and believe it would be helpful. I spoke with Dee at Flying Scot and understand it is a less common upgrade plus the thought of drilling the mast and boom to install gives me pause. All comments are appreciated!Best Regards,Mark

I installed Sailrite lazy jacks (easy following their instructions), and although seldom used, very helpful when needed. Made up of bungee cord that allows them to be stored along the mast, deployed by stretching them out to fittings on the boom. I wish I had mounted the aftmost eye strap not quite as far aft on the boom as I did since it is a bit of stretch to reach it, but not enough bother to change it. Dropping the main single handed when on the water is now a simple task rather than an adventure when the wind is blowing a bit. As a bonus, the lazy jacks also act as a topping lift at the same time. I think you would be very pleased with how well they work for your intended use.        

Monroe,Thanks for the information.  I appreciate it!Mark