Jib Roller Furling

I recently bought the Harken system sold by FS and will be installing it in the next couple of weeks. I'm having a sail (the oldest of three) cut at a loft to fit. I believe that taking 11" off the foot will be more than enough. Has anyone had experience with installing and modifying a standard jib? If so and you have any tips or advice on cutting the sail or installing the hardware I'd sure appreciate it.  Thanks  SouthernJim #5594

I rigged up a standard jib with snaps removed and a roller furling drum attached to the bow handle. I used an approximately 6 inch long stand off rod to push the foresay out of the way both at the top and at the bottom of the jib.   11 inches sounds like a lot to shorten. On older boats the jib sheet tracks were really long and even an 11 inch shift coulkd  perhaps   haqve been accomodated. At any rate , determine the position where the current jib lead likes to be and lay out the whole arrangement on a piece of graph paper showing the jib in profile and the jib sheet location and the maximum aft position of the jib sheet block. Overlay the new jib position taking into account the new tack position further aft and the new jib tack height. That will give you some idea of how much to modify the jib.In any case, independent of how much jib area is removed, the boat will have a somewhat increased weather helm. To correct this just pull up the centerboard slightly.  FS 3512