Hull Maintenance

 I have one season in sailing my 2002 Flying Scot. My girls and I love the boat! Reading the forum helped me decide to buy a used Flying Scot (off the caveat emptor listing).  Ongoing and old threads have been very helpful as questions came up through my first summer. In reading old threads on compounding and waxing the hull many speak of significant oxidation etc. Is it worth using something like Finesse It-II followed by Collinite wax if the hull still has a pretty good shine or is a good washing and coat of wax sufficient. I don’t mind the work but don’t want to harm the finish. MarkFS5434South Williamsport, PA

I have used both. If the hull is badly chalked you can use rubbing compound, then finnesse it, then wax.

I personally avoid paint, as having clean gelcoat is best.

Where do you sail your Scot? We have sailed Sunfish at Eagles Mere up your way, but the Scot is big for that Lake.

Come vist us, and maybe race sometime at Lake Nockamixon, in eastern PA.

 Phil, Thanks, eagles mere is a nice place but a bit small. I kept the scot on a trailer at Bald Eagle State Park last summer and plan to again. We also sail on Lake Glendale out west toward Altoona. Unfortunately, there isn’t a fleet  close by. Do you think a newbe like me could come down and crew in order to get some experience before hauling my boat down?MarkFS5434South Williamsport, PA 

 I use a polishing compound on good gelcoat and if some chalking I use a rubbing compound. The polishing compound isn't as abrasive and doesn't seem to create swirl patterns. Then I use Collinite Fleetwax 885 paste on the hull. I even use the Collinite 885 on my cars after doing a test where I waxed one half with a good brand X wax paste and the other half with the Collinite 885. After 6 months the Collinite wax still beaded like it was freshly applied.

Thanks for the information. That sounds about right for my boat.MarkFS 5434

Most weekends there are crew spots available. The schedule is on We race either Saturday or Sunday almost every weekend from April 15 to October. The Saturday skippers meeting is at 10, 11 on Sundays.

If you show up an hour before the meeting you can almost always get a ride. If you are traveling down just to race, call ahead to me, or Mike Mandell, or Mike Noone.

There is a Scot Fleet event calendar that will be posted soon for 2012, which also shows some of the traveling regattas that fleet boats go to, along with the local fleet racing.

Phil,Thanks very much!  I'll check out the webpage.