flip to paint bottom

I am going to do a bottom job on my scot over the winter.  Anyone out there ever flipped your boat and then lowered the boat onto your trailer to do this?  What was the process used?

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Lift FS Off Trailer

Upside down on a trailer = bad idea.
Rolling the boat on the ground is easy with 4-5 guys.  Dump boat off trailer.  Get two tires ( for each chainplate ).  Put tires on ground where chainplates will be ( one side will be easy to figure out, the other one is a guesstimate - you want each chainplate to be inside the donut hole of the tire.  Then carefully tilt boat on edge with that edge's tire aligned with the chainplate and start to tip boat over in a controlled way - have that 5th guy put the tire where the chainplate will be on the 'far side' and lay the boat down.  Done.  
If you want to raise boat, I had aforementioned 4 other guys lift the back of the boat and used (2) boat stands - one on each corner, and then (1) stand in the bow area right near the bow plate.  I did cut (2) 2x4's as temporary stands to support each deck area to keep boat steady ( I was doing glass work so I was under the boat and did not want any issues !
****   CAUTION - Be sure you remove the centerboard before flipping the boat or you can truly get VERY hurt ! 

I missed the part about putting it on the trailer upside down.  At FSInc, the team uses a rubber tire around the chain plate to roll the boat over.  They then had padded, very strong, wooden boxes to support the nose and both corners at the stern.
If I remember correctly they had a sling to lift the boat when upside down, with a hoist.
it seems like putting it on the trailer upside down would be bad.  The trailer is not designed to support it that way.