Do all Flying Scots have a centerboard gasket?

I recently purchased a 1976 Flying Scot, hull #2805.  There is no centerboard gasket, and before I start trying to buy/install one, I'm wondering if there ever was for this vintage boat.

Thank you for your help!


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I sailed 2450 and it came with a rubber gasket when I bought it used 2002.  I replaced it with the gasket now sold by Flying Scot Inc.  However, there were some different builders in the 70's which could be a difference.  Is yours a Douglas boat or Customflex?


M Jones,

Wow, I haven't a clue.  How would I find out?

Thank you!


Most Scots have a tag on the center of the coating at the back of the cockpit.

it will usually say, Gordon Douglas, Flying Scot Inc, or Customflex.

Gordon Douglass became Flying Scot Inc, which is our fantastic builder


All Scots had a gasket, plus it is required in the class rules to race, including the metal strips which fasten it to the hull. No fairing of the strips is permitted. Harry the builder said he replaced his gasket annually with a tight, fresh one prior to each NACs to be fast.  It worked, as he was very competitive.

Also, the metal strip down the center of the hull from the stem down the forefoot is required.

If one is not going to race, a gasket is not needed.


This is all great information, thank you so much!!!