Check your trailer hitch ball.

Hi - I was fortunate not to do severe damage to 4704  while trailing around 7/4. The ball on my trailer hitch had almost COMPLETELY loosened and was ready to come off! I was saved by a fellow traveller at a stop light who got my attention. I've trailed and sailed for years and years. I've never checked the tightness of that huge nut. Never thought I had to.  We were blessed this time. I will from now on.  Tom  Gallagher. FS 4704

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As an INexperienced trailer user, I have mader all the new guy mistakes...all within the last 3-4 years.
What surprised me is that big ole nut will quickly become loose as a goose unless there is a lock washer in use. I snugged my nut a few times and finally realized I had no washer. Makes sense.
This is no small issue, and I'm also realizing a lot of guys who have sailed Scots for years have never left their own club and may not have road tested their trailers. I'm going on the road for the first time this weekend to Scots on Water, and I will check my bearings too.