Centerboard Shimming Necessary for Newer Boats?

I have read previous posts on centerboard shimming, and had planned to complete the process this spring for my 1998, #5193.  I have heard recently that the newer boats do not require that process.  Is this true?  My centerboard is surely not tight, but is is not nearly as loose as older boats I have sailed.
Thanks for any help you can offer.

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It will need to be shimmed. I sail 5516 (built in 2003) and it was shimmed when it was built. I had it reshimmed two years ago as the shim does wear away. Take the time and do it right. I've seen some boats overshimmed their boards and had to force the board down. If you're near Flying Scot, have them do it. They have all the right tools and it get done correctly.

Thank you very much for your help and suggestions.

If you can put your boat on a lift high enough to lower the board fully down, you can see if the board has any "wiggle" in the trunk.  I had the trunk shimmed because I had quite a bit of board movement in the trunk.
M Jones, FS5846

i had mine done at Flying Scot and they did an awesome job.  Mine was very loose, as back in the 80s I don't think that it was a standard thing to shim.