Centerboard Gasket Repair

My centerboard gasket has about a two inch tear.  It is the clear vinal type.  All of the gasket is still there.
Is ther a waterproof durable tape I can use to repair the gasket?  I'd hate to go through all the trouble of replacing the whole gasket if I can tape it with a tape that will hold up.
I dry sail the boat, so it is not in the water for more than a few hours at a time.

I would try gorilla tape , that is some sticky stuff.  but really this is a tempory sulution.  If you are not into racing then there is no hurry ,my boat went for years without a gasket I never seen any water try to come up inside the boat , so I think the gasket is for going threw the water more smoothly with less drag.  As far as replacing it is very easy to replace.  Flipping the boat over is the hard part.  You could roll it on its side since this might be the only repair for you. 

 My .02I've had luck with using 3M 5200 on similar things.  Make a really thick bead about 1/2" along the outside of the rip, then custom cut a patch of similar material and lightly squeeze into place.  If you can get you r fingers behind rip, then use a small pc of wood as a backing while you lightly press patch into place.  It takes a while to fully cure, so let it do so for several weeks before you try to use it.If rolling weren't an option, I'd put the boat on the trailer still attached to a car.  Attach the transom via rings/rope to a tree.  Put a support under aft of boat.  Remove bow eye / trailer winch strap. Slowly! drive car away so bow of boat still on trailer and aft is resting on support.  Do this till you can access centerboard.  Remove and replace. Its easy to roll boat on it's side at a beach and replace there.  

Thanks for the reply's.  I may try the gorilla tape since I don't race, and it stays out of the water.  It's only a small tear, and I hate to go through the trouble of replacing the whole gasket.