Boat Cover

I'm replacing my mooring cover this Spring and would really appreciate some feedback / first-hand experience between the designs. Sailors' Tailor has served me well in the past and the two designs I'm considering are their Full deck over the boom mooring cover or the Boom Tent Cockpit cover. There are trade-offs between the two designs and I'd appreciate your insights as I evaluate these two options.
The boat is #4491 and it is moored on Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin (see attached). Summers are short and my old cover made it 22 years before ripping in a blow last Fall.  Thanks for your time.

I have a Sailors Tailor full morning cover that goes over the boom.  I keep my boat on a dry slip.  It is nice that the mainsail can stay on the boom.  It is also nice that it covers the entire deck, keeping the boat clean.  I have poly duck fabric and it is very durable.  The cover is not made for trailering.
The tent cover seems easier to manage on a wet mooring, just less fabric to wrestle.  The trade off is that a lot more is exposed to dirt, sun, bird droppings, rain.

If your gelcoat is shinny ,I would only consider a full cover left uncovered the area exposed will oxidize and may cause premature spider crackes in the gelcoat that are cosmetic . So for me a full cover.

I got the full mooring sailors tailor cover with my boat and used it both in a wet slip and on my trailer for almost a year.  It keeps the rain out completely and protects the entire deck very well.  The edges of the cover actually come down over the hull a few inches all the way around the boat.  The downside is it does take effort to put on.  I have a dock to help me; it would be difficult on a mooring.  I got the tent cover in hopes of an easier takedown and setup and it is definitely easier to manage however it leaves much do the deck exposed and it does not sit flush against the deck forward of the mast so the result is rain water gets in easily.  The kicker for me though was the hooks on the shock cord ( largely covered with protective plastic) still have some exposed metal and the things left some grey marks on my deck near the sides where the hooks rubbed against the deck.  I was able to smudge it around with spit and finger so I hope it's just superficial but I haven't yet tried anything more substantial.  I don't want to mess up my deck though so I won't be using my tent cover anymore.  Maybe it would be usefull for short periods of time in light wind or one could protect the deck with cloth somehow but after a year and practice and a dock to sit on I've become fairly good at the mooring cover and there is no exposure of my deck.  Both cover boom and main sail rolled on boom well.