Backing plates necessary for jib sheet cam cleats on deck coaming?

Hello,I purchased my FS (#3227) a few months ago and there aren't any cam cleats installed for the jib sheets.  I would like to setup "family" style rigging and install cam cleats on the seat coaming near the cheek blocks.  Do I need to install backing plates for the cam cleats or is the deck/coaming thick enough to just screw them in (after drilling pilot holes of course)?  It seems like it would be very difficult to install backing plates because of the flotation foam.    thanks, -sam

Check with Harry at Flying Scot Inc., but I think you will need to put a backing plate or fender washers under the cleats put on the deck. To get the foam out, take a hack saw blade and cut the blocks towards the middle, back far enough to give you room to work. You should then be able to push them towards the bow and get them out. When you slide the foam back in, tape them together with Gorrilla duct tape. I did that with #2 when I took off the jib track before painting. But, double check with Harry.        On my boat they used wood blocks , so I would say you need some sort of a backing as well .