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I found out that if the centerboard isn't completely up, and you are loading onto the trailer, it will snap the winch rope on the trailer. It broke twice before I figured the centerboard was not fully up.
I kinda thought it would get pushed up by the rollers on the trailer but I guess not. I should have checked it myself first. (darn kids)

Probably needed a new winch rope anyhow. Anybody have an opinion on strap vs rope??

FS 1385

Was something blocking the rollers on the centerboard trunk in the cockpit? We've inadvertantly trailered with the centerboard not completely up without a problem with the winch. On the otherhand, trying to launch without realizing the centerboard was partially down... bad idea! Been there, done that, boat has the repaired scar to prove it!

We have a winch with a strap and it has performed well. I would go with a strap again if I had to make the choice. You just make sure the strap isn't flipped over when you pull it to the boat, then you are home free.



It surprised me too. I thought it would have just pushed it up into the ttrunk but it snapped the rope instead.

Also found out what happens when a rope gets wrapped around the centerboard and you try to raise it. It takes some effort to get the rope out in shallow water....

Gonna go with the winch strap this time around.

FS 1385