For Sale - FS 5788 Radical Race - $16,000

Flying Scot 5788 (2008 Model) 
This 50th Anniversary Radical Race Package Flying Scot is sharp looking, with white deck & bottom, Captain’s Blue topsides, red waterline, upper & lower coving stripes and fiberglass centerboard cap. This Flying Scot is in great – almost new -­‐ condition. Due to the owner’s health, this Scot has been sailed approximately 5 times. The owner kept the Scot with the mast down and covered in his mother’s garage. Take the cover off and you get a sniff of that new boat smell still.
Comes with

-­‐  Aluminum Regatta Master trailer with nose wheel/jack

-­‐  Gus Sails – main, jib and multicolor spinnaker

-­‐  Motor bracket

-­‐  Rudder lift kit

-­‐  Silver Light Paddle (5.5’)

-­‐  Double cleat console for 12:1 boom vang and pole lift

-­‐  6:1 Internal wire outhaul

-­‐  6:1 Cunningham system on forward coming

-­‐  taper spinnaker pole

-­‐  internal ultra light spinnaker sheets

-­‐  aft led spinnaker halyard & take-­‐up wheel

-­‐  auto ratchets on main, jib and spinnaker sheets

-­‐  360 swivel cleat for centerboard line

-­‐  Ronstan X-­‐10 universal tiller extension (40”)

-­‐  Sailors’ Tailor grey, poly trailer/mooring cover with 2 extra vents & monogram

-­‐  Sailors’ Tailor grey polyduck mooring cover with 2 extra vents & monogram
Boat was built in October 2007. Located in Dallas, Texas 

Two one four - 417-1667


FS 5877 can be purchased for $15,000.00