Customflex Vrs Douglass built

I am in the market for a used boat and have been doing some research on the Scot. My question is how much difference if any is there between the Customflex and Douglass built boats.

Jack-Thanks for the input-anyone else ????

I own 3403....yep.....a Customflex.
Got a pretty good deal on it, 2 good sets of sails and all.... but there are 'issues'. I guess the bottom line is to understand your expectations or requirements.
Mine consisted of getting out from under the overhead of a keel boat....slip fees, numerous crew, bottom jobs ad nauseum.....and into a competitive fleet (23 here in DFW Texas area) I could continue sailing with my kids in college.....household overhead limitations!
I don't mind repair work..... in a twisted sort of way... on boats/hobbies and I certainly got it with this boat. I'm about to launch into a centerboard trunk reinforcement effort. When the wind is up the sides flex excessively due to cracking in the horizontal flange that the CB roller rides on. These cracks occur at the forward and aft most ends of the 'slot' which reduces the trunk stiffness and prevents the CB induced bending moment from being reacted properly.
I'm pretty handy with fibeglass and it should be an interesting 'adventure' ......most won't see it that way. I believe this boat was built not long before the molds were 'pulled' from Customflex...confirming Jack's input. Even with this problem the boat was and could be sailed in many conditions and remains a testament to the durability of the original design. It can take alot.
I have sailed on 5000 series boats and notice a bit more stiffness in the hull bottom.
Customeflex boats 1701-3400+ might work out great if you perform all the due diligence (check weight, structure etc.) and get a good deal....but you should be more wary.
When my overhead nad priorties change years from now I'll probably be incline toward a newer Scot.....not a keelboat.
Forest Atkins
FS 3403


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Thanks to all who responded to my question and my search continues for the right boat - (at the right price !!!!).

My Douglass # 803 is going strong on Casco Bay
in the Gulf of Maine. The boat is solid as a
rock in 3 foot chop.
Dr Scow; S. Portland Maine

Hard Starboard; FS#0803

I had a Customflex, #1813. She was very fast.I agree with Jack Stewart commments. Any good hull under #2000 would be a boat to consider.