CB resin

I'll be shimming my centerboard, and I need to know what resin to use. I tried polyester resin from the local stinkpot shop, but it didn't hold and was a fargin mess. Tips, hints or suggestions, I'm open and ready to listen.

You need to use epoxy resin for any and all repairs/mods to already cured fiberglass. Epoxy relies on a mechanical bond while polyester relies on a chemical bond. Once polyester resin has cured it's inert chemically. Check out www.westsystem.com for all the info could need. I recommend the Gougeon Brothers book on boatbuilding which you can find under their website's product information tab.

I would concur with FS 4049 on the WEST epoxy. We used it last year to repair the leading edge after plowing a furrow in the lake bottom. Mix in micro-balloons (I got mine from Gougeon Bros)to a thick "peanut butter" viscosity (Creamy Jiff is my reference point). After the mix sets-up, it can be filed and sanded into shape fairly easily. Although we didn't re-paint (I would do so next time), it held up well through a season of racing.

Thank you, that was very helpful.