Need advice on lifts

Hi everyone, I just bought a Flying Scot (#5199) and will be keeping it on a lift at a local sailing club (Fleet #1 at Cowan Lake, Ohio). Does anyone have recommendations on what lift to buy? I've been looking at lifts from Hewit and ShoreStation. Any ideas on which one is better than others? I'm thinking about getting a lift rated at 1,200 pounds, which I believe will be sufficient since the Scot weighs less than 900 pounds. Is there any reason to go with a lift with a higher weight rating?

I have the exat same lift and used it for my Scot. Works great. Put some guide poles on the end so you can find the lift and get the boat centered. It is best to have a place to off load any stuff you bring with you then cover the boat and then put it on the lift. We had problems getting the boat covered (Sailors Tailor) after the boat was on the lift. We kept the lift at the house and then after racing drove to the Sail Club (5 min). We found that it took longer than we wanted so moved the Scot to the club. We then used it for a 13 foot Whaler and now would look for a small day sailer for the house. The 1200 capacity is great for the Scot, consider larger if you think your needs may change. Also plan on legs , they are easy to adjust. We assembled the lift in our garage, made some temp wheels and rolled it into the lake. 4 guys can lift and carry it in place. Anyway Great Lift would buy it again.
Dave FS 5690 By the way way I am selling my old Scot 5179 (on this message board, great boat race ready if you know anyone who may be looking.
Thanks Dave

Thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate that. Which brand lift do you have? Is it a Hewitt or Shorestation? Also, I see that there's an option for getting carpeted support boards that run along the length of the boat (rather than two support beams that run across the bottom of the boat). Which do you think is better for the Scot?

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Does anyone have any experience with a Scot on a floating boatlift, e.g., Hydrohoist, Jet Dock, EZ Dock, Air-Dock, etc?

I use a shallow water Polylift at our neighborhood marina. It works well and appears to be well built. Even with a full mooring cover, about a gallon or two of water enters after an inch or two of rain that I bail and sponge out. The Scot sits on the bunks with enough slope to drain the water toward the stern, but not enough slope to drain by itself. I have been doing this for about six years.

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Check with Flying Scot Inc. They have a printed sheet which shows the best way to store a Scot on a lift, in order not to damage it. They can send that to you.

Jay Lott
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